Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Mystery of Knowledge

Knowledge is such a mystery!

It is invisible, untouchable, and shapeless. To some people, Knowledge is everywhere around us, but to some others it is almost non-existent. Even to the people who know exactly where to find Knowledge, it is still very hard for them to grab the Knowledge clearly and firmly. It always feels as if the Knowledge is hidden at some dark corner in your brain. But you will never know if it will all be gone at the next moment. You can write it done or speak it out. But you constantly feel that it is not exactly the same on paper as in your brain. You still feel that you have not fully seized the whole real Knowledge.

Is Knowledge a real thing? If you are still hesitating to answer this question, please look around you and try to find out one thing that hasn’t any Knowledge hidden inside it. Your cloth? Shoe? Plastic Spoon? Glasses? Bed? Shampoo? Pen? Computer? Light? Water?.... If you look into the history of Human Beings and imagine all Knowledge Human Beings have obtained so far were gone, then ask yourself,

What can we do to survive on this planet Earth without Knowledge?

The picture in your mind must be very interesting. However, we are more interested in the picture of this Earth with Knowledge in the future. To know where we are going in the future, it is always wise to first look at where we are coming from in the past. Now let's stop here for a moment and look at ourselves and ask ourselves some interesting questions:

How did we create Knowledge in the past?

Where and how did we find our Knowledge?

Where can we go to find or create more new Knowledge?

Maybe, this is a good time for us to look at the mysterious Knowledge closely through the lens of Science.