All the posts and pages on this blog are the original writing from the team members of SSICI. Even although most of our ideas and thoughts shared here must have come from the long term learning and working experiences of the authors, we cannot explicitly credit all the original resources of our thoughts and writings here. We will try our best to provide the original references as many as we can. Thus, we apologize to anyone who might find that their great ideas are discussed here without being credited because of our ignorance. If this is happening on our blog here, it must be so for two possible reasons:

1. We reach the same ideas independently and accidentally in complete ignorance of the existence of other resources.

2. We forgot where the original resources are and couldn’t find them again.

Therefore, if you find this is happening on our blog, please let us know in no time. We will check the original resources and list the correct information as soon as possible.

We also take the full responsibility for any mistake occurring in any of our writings on this blog. These mistakes solely belong to SSICI, and we always encourage our readers to point out our mistakes immediately and help us to improve this blog.

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