Solution Stone International Consulting Inc. (SSICI) is a company dedicated to the development of Global Knowledge Economy in 21st century. Today more and more people see the importance and urgency of developing Knowledge Economy. Innovation is the only way out for the future of Free Market Capitalism. Knowledge has become the most precious “Natural Resources” and most powerful fuels for the future global economy to keep running on track. We can call this economy Knowledge Economy.

SSICI believes Knowledge Economy has to be driven by two major Engines: Education & Innovation. Thus our business is focused on these two economic Engines of Knowledge Economy. Knowledge Economy is the new navigational adventure and 21st century will see the beginning of this “New Age of Discovery”. In this new adventure, greater challenges and opportunities stand in front of us hand by hand.

As a consulting company, SSICI’s major business is to provide consulting services and software solutions in Education and Innovation. More specifically, we are focused on the development of individualized online learning environment, such as online courses and tutorial services. We also develop software solutions for individualized learning environment (online or offline), such as digital textbook, homework, test, and educational games. On the Innovation side, we develop software solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Data Intelligence, and Social Intelligence.

Based on our rich experiences in Education and Scientific Research, we believe IT technologies will revolutionize how we conduct Education and Innovation. Actually, we believe this revolution had already begun quietly decades ago. But we also believe there are still countless challenges and opportunities down the road we can work on. We hope to seize this historical opportunity to make our unique and meaningful contributions in this great revolution.

Due to our team’s International background, SSICI also has a strong competitive advantage in the International trading markets, especially in the markets of Plush Toys and IT Accessories. We provide both Chinese and US clients the so-called “Supply Chain Optimization” service in these markets. We also provide International students great opportunities online and offline to learn American English and Culture. We have “Live English I Love” online program. We also have “California Sunshine Camps” offline services for both International and US students.

To know more details about our business and the exciting opportunities we present, please go to visit our company website:


You can also join us in more interesting discussions on Knowledge, Economy, Education, Mathematics, Science, and Chinese Language through our blog posts and pages here. Our posts here are labeled under different Topics, such as Science of Knowledge, Knowledge Economy, New Education, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Physics, Game Development, and Chinese Language & Culture, etc. Many of these posts are directly related to or part of our online courses. You can find more information on our company website or on the “Education Forum” page and “Knowledge Economy” page on this blog.

We wish our blog could become an open platform for friends and clients to share their great thoughts on interesting topics. We also wish this blog could be a free channel for the communications between learners and educators.

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