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Solution Stone International Education Forum (SSIEF) is a major educational program SSICI is building up. We call it a forum because we want to develop it into an open platform for learners, educators, and friends of SSICI from all over the world to share their common interests and great thoughts with each other.

On this platform you can find free online courses of Math and Science designed for students from all over the world to learn Math and Science in English or to learn English through Math and Science. This blog will become an inseparable part of these online courses. You can always click on the posts related to the correspondent online lessons to join us in interesting discussions or ask your questions.

You can also subscribe more advanced or specific online courses or our online tutorial services. As long as you have a working webcam that can read your writing on paper in real time, a Skype or Google Hangout account, and fast enough internet connection, our online tutorial service can help you anywhere. You can also join our reference system to get paid by helping us to reach new clients.

We also have two special online services to promote the cultural exchange between US and China. We provide free online courses for Chinese language, culture, and history. You will find posts here to support these online lessons. You are always welcome to share your thoughts on these lessons with us here on this blog. We also provide another special online tutorial program called “Live English I love”, through which International English learners can learn the most beautiful and authentic American English and Culture from the excellent American educators and scholars. This is a window for the world to know America better and for America to show the world its best. We are constantly looking for energetic and enthusiastic American educators and scholars to join our team.

Besides these online services, SSIEF also presents great social opportunities and offline learning environments for both International and US students in the beautiful Southern California area. They are our “California Sunshine Camps”. We also provide offline on-site tutorial services for clients who reside within Orange County California.

If you want to know more about SSIEF, please visit our company website:

Or you can directly contact us now!

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