Knowledge Economy

Knowledge is so invisible, untouchable, unpredictable, and fluid that the discovery of Knowledge is a much riskier business than the discovery of New Continent. However, Knowledge is easy to store, transport, and share. Knowledge is a “Natural Resource” that could theoretically grow forever and be maintained at almost zero cost. Knowledge is the only “Natural Resource” that could bring us some relief in our timeless race against our exhaustion of all the other “Natural Resources”.

Education and Innovation are born to be a pair of “Twin Engines” for Knowledge Economy, which cannot be separated. Education could support, stimulate, and propagate Innovation. Education could turn the “overpopulation” into “abundant resources” for Innovation. Reversely, Innovation will change the way Education is conducted. Of course, Education and Innovation cannot self-sustain and self-grow. They are both tightly restricted by the Economic and Political Infrastructures of a society. How to design and build the best Economic and Political Infrastructures for Education and Innovation, or equivalently for Knowledge Economy, has become one of the greatest challenges in front of every nation in 21st century. The best solution to this challenge might only exist on a global scale across national borders.

We don’t have to wait for governments to build up the best economic and political infrastructures for Knowledge Economy for us for free, like the freeway system in United States. As history has proven again and again, the creativity of free enterprises and heroic individuals are often way more powerful than governments to change the free market capitalist societies. Maybe, the best solution could only be created by the collaborative efforts of both private innovations and governments’ investments and regulations. But definitely no one needs to wait for the other.

Here in this blog, we invite our potential clients, friends, and readers to join us in the more detailed and interesting discussions on Knowledge, Economy, Education, and Science. We invite you to share with the world your great thoughts or questions on these topics.

We will discuss about the Science of Knowledge, our understanding of Knowledge through the lens of Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy.

We will discuss about Knowledge Economy, sharing with you our understanding of the mutual interactions between Knowledge and Economy. We will discuss about how the fast growth of Knowledge can profoundly change Economy. We will also discuss about how a correct Economic Infrastructure based on Social Intelligence could explosively accelerate the growth of Knowledge.

We will discuss about Education and its critical role in Knowledge Economy. We will share with you our understanding of what is going wrong in the current Education System in US and what a Better New One should look like.

If you have something to say about these topics, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments here. If you want to help us to achieve something that interests you too, please don’t hesitate to contact us now immediately. At least, we sincerely wish you would enjoy our blog here.

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